Maggie is an approximately 9.5 year old Jack Russell now looking for her forever home! Maggie will need an experienced home, preferably with a breed familiar family. Although she is small and adorable she is not a dog for beginners!

She is currently in foster with 2 other dogs and doing well with them, however is never left unsupervised as can be reactive when they get too close to her space. No cats or small children for this girl.

Maggie is crate trained, walks well on leash and knows many basic commands. She can be reactive on leash to other dogs and will need continued work in this area as well as work on handling as reacts poorly when asked to do something she doesn't want to do. She is currently undergoing muzzle training. Maggie has a lot of energy and will need a home where she receives plenty of daily exercise and mental stimulation.

In order to adopt Maggie, it will be required to attend at least 3 private training sessions or enroll in obedience classes to ensure Maggie and her new family are set up for sucess. This is not included in her adoption fee.

Meet Kip!

This handsome man is a German Shepherd mix.
A loving adult boy with an active personality. Currently he is staying at the Howl A Day Inn. He is wonderful with dogs and would be fine with respectful children; he can be space sensitive so he's not the dog to allow children to hug and maul. Kip is crate trained. He has basic skills but would highly benefit from obedience classes.

Kip's ideal home is active and willing to keep up on his basic skills. He would love doggy play dates with his friends and loves to spend lots of time with his people!


We are still getting to know Uno. She is not yet available for adoption. Check back soon!

Thanks to the staff at Mel's Waggin Tail Inn for fostering Uno while she undergoes rehabilitation.

Dogs available for adoption

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