Uno is a 1.5 year old Husky who is seeking a special home. Uno is a very fearful girl looking for a dog experienced home or someone who has experience with fearful dogs. Uno struggles with fear in new environments, new people, loud noises and sudden movements and because of this should never be off leash. Uno will need a home that understands her unique needs and is able to continue socialization with her as this will be a lifelong obstacle.

Potential adopters will need to take mandatory training sessions to accommodate Uno’s needs and understand what she will need to manage her fear. She is not recommended for a home with young children. Children should be old enough to read her body language and understand her needs.

Uno is currently in obedience training. She is a smart girl who knows basic commands and walks well on leash with the right tools. Uno is crate trained and should be crated when left alone or unsupervised as she can be destructive. Adopters will need to have a good quality crate as she is able to escape very easily.

Uno is missing her toes on her left paw and does favour this walking on occasion. This doesn’t stop her from remaining active. Uno also has Papilloma; potential adopters will need to consider this if there are other dogs in the home as this could require rotating/crating pets in the home.

Uno is a very energetic girl who will require daily exercise and stimulation. Once trust is established she is a loving cuddly girl. She is hoping to find someone with patience and dedication to continue building her confidence.


Blossom is a 6 year old Bernese mountain dog recovering from her second crusciate surgery. She cannot handle large amounts of exercise but will need consistency in her exercise to keep her in good weight and muscle so she stays in good condition. She also requires eye drops for her eyes at a minimal cost.

During her lifetime she has lacked on socialization and can be very nervous of new men. She is wonderful with dogs but cannot handle rough play. Cats is not a problem. She has spent significant time with April’s (Dog Trainer) children but no rude behaviour from a child are EVER tolerated.

Blossom is happy to lounge around with you but would benefit from a little training to keep her confidence levels increasing.

If interested please fill out an application to be pre approved for visitation.

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