Diesel is an approximately 4 year old pit mix now looking for his forever home.

Diesel has a major flaw causing severe anxiety. He has been fully rehabbed but has been adopted and returned due to this. This issue is 100% correctable and has been fixed with this work. However this is a lifelong commitment to training. The training is simple but must be followed to prevent his anxiety from escalating.

A major factor of Diesel's recovery is the amount of affection given to him. It’s necessary to limit this and spend more time exercising and structured exercises versus couch cuddling.

Diesel is a true ambassador of pit bulls but his extreme love for his people has cause failed homes so we need to ensure his next home is committed to him for life.

He is currently in foster with 2 other dogs as well as a cat and doing very well with them. He enjoys car rides, playing with his toys and going for walks. He is not comfortable having his feet touched and this will need to be worked on with his new family to make things like nail trims easier.

He is currently on medication to help with his anxiety and in a special high quality crate. Please consider these additional costs if interested in adopting him.

If you are committed to continuing working consistently with Diesel and providing him with a loving forever home, please send us an email on our Facebook page or to

Hello! My name is Finn and I'm looking for a very special home who can provide for me with my special medical needs.

My foster mom said that I should write a little something about myself.

I'm a 1 and half year old Golden Retriever. I’m up to date on all of my shots, and I guess that makes me good for another year. Foster mom gives me medication once a day to help with my elbows, but they haven’t stopped me from playing with my doggy foster sister! I also have three foster cats that I live with, and I love them all! I sleep in my kennel at night, and I’m fine with that. Foster mom doesn’t like it when I look for food on counters, so we’re working on that, and she says I’m being a good boy. She also says that I’m sometimes just like a teenager, but I’m getting way better! I love walks, but I don’t like going too far, and I love balls!
I’d love to meet you! Please get in touch with the rescue if you think you could be my forever home ❤

*Medical information *

Finn was diagnosed with elbow displaysia at a young age (see below for more information on the disease). Because of this, Finn already has a mild degree of arthritis in his elbows and will require ongoing daily medication(s) to keep him comfortable. Arthritis is a diagnosis of long term management as there is no way to reverse it, only slow down its progression. In addition to the expense of ongoing medication, some chronic medications come with side effects and Finn's kidneys, liver, and gastrointestinal health should be monitored with routine bloodwork if he remains on certain pharmaceuticals long term. It is also vital that Finn remain in lean body condition as being overweight will only worsen the condition and will require a specific diet also necessary for his joint health. It is important to understand that Finn's life expectancy may be shortened due to this issue as well simply because he will bear the effects of arthritis earlier on in life therefore potentially suffering a poorer quality of life at an earlier age.

Today, Finn is a comfortable happy boy as long as he doesn't play too hard or go on strenuous/long walks. He will not be a good candidate for fetch, hard hikes or intensive exercise but will do well with moderate length controlled leash walks. Here is a great resource for more information on elbow dysplasia if you think Finn might be right for you!

If you are interested in adopting Finn and are financially able to provide for him and his medical needs, please send us an email to or on our Facebook page 🐾

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