The only way we are able to take in a dog in need is having an approved foster home available. We rely on volunteer foster homes to care for our dogs while they undergo medical treatment and training, until they're ready for their forever home. The more foster homes we have, the more dogs can be saved. Although most homes end up spoiling their foster dogs and treating them as their own, there is no cost of necessary care to the foster home. We provide all supplies necessary for the dog's well being, including food, crates and bedding, along with any and all medical treatment fees. Please consider fostering today, and playing a critical role in saving a life!

Please note that all foster homes must undergo home checks, as well as reference checks before approval.


Each potential adoptive family must be willing and able to provide loving attention, medical care and lifetime stability for an animal. Our main focus as a rescue is matching up each dog with the perfect forever family. To do so, potential adopters must fill out our adoption application, which is a series of questions relating to their lifestyle. This helps us determine the family's activity level and compatibility with the dog(s) they're interested in. Once references are called and a home check is completed, we arrange a meeting with the dog. If an approved family wishes to adopt the dog at this time, and we agree it is a good fit, they sign an agreement and pay a one-time, non-refundable adoption fee. The fee for adult dogs is $380, and puppies under 6 months is $425. We will put $150 of this adoption fee towards MANDATORY training classes with the dog trainer of your choice (We recommend April Saulnier - one of our Directors and primary dog trainer). If an adoptive family can no longer care for said dog, Fulfilling Hearts Rescue must be notified, and the dog must be surrendered back into our rescue's care. All of our dogs are spayed/neutered and fully up to date on vaccinations prior to adoption.

Please note that submitting an application is not automatic approval. Fulfilling Hearts Rescue has the right to refuse any application and has the right to postpone or decline any adoption application or the adoption itself.


Most dogs we receive in our care are surrendered by owners that can no longer care for them. We occasionally pull dogs from shelters as well if they do not strive in that environment. Each dog is re-homed to an appropriate family based on our rescue group's best judgement. Our surrender application gives us a better idea of the foster and forever home that each dog will fit in to. If you wish to surrender your dog, this form must be filled out, however Fulfilling Hearts Rescue is under no obligation to accept this dog. A mandatory surrender fee applies to relinquish your dog to our group. Surrender fees are $80 for non-neutered males and non-spayed females. Surrender fee is $40 for neutered males and spayed females.