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What is Fulfilling Hearts Rescue?
Fulfilling Hearts Rescue is a volunteer run, non-profit organization. We rescue abandoned or unwanted dogs from various situations, place them in foster care, and find them the perfect forever homes.

When was FHR founded?
We became operational in November 2013.

How is FHR funded?
We rely solely on donations from the public and local businesses for our dog rescue to stay operational. We are not government funded.

Do you only rescue dogs?
At this time, we only rescue dogs, but hope to expand to other animals in the future as we grow.

Do you rescue all breeds?
We do not discriminate against breed, size, gender or health. If we are called upon to save a dog, and we have the resources and funds to do so, we will. We are against Breed Specific Legislation.

Is FHR the same as the SPCA?
Our organization is very different from the SPCA and local shelters. We do not have a set facility or kennel where our dogs stay while waiting for a home. Instead, we operate out of approved foster homes in the Greater Moncton Area. Our rescue provides all food and necessary supplies, as well as pay for all the dogs' medical treatment while in foster care.


What is a pet foster parent?
A pet foster parent is someone who is willing and able to open their home to a dog or puppy in need on a temporary basis. A foster parent is only asked to provide love and care, and FHR takes care of the rest. Fostering saves lives!

How long would I be required to foster for?
This time frame all depends and can usually be estimated on a dog by dog basis, but can never be guaranteed. All dogs must remain in foster care for a minimum of two weeks, so we can learn how their temperament is. If the dog is recovering from surgery or medical treatment, they must stay in foster care until they are healthy again in most cases. Some dogs also take longer to train and rehabilitate, which will set them up for success in their new home,

Why do foster homes get priority to adopt a dog?
If a foster home falls in love with their foster dog, we give them priority if their home is a perfect fit for the dog. This can avoid added stress by moving the dog to another home.

What is a "foster failure"?
A foster failure is someone who committed to fostering a dog, without the intention to adopt it.. then fell in love! It is not really a "failure"; this term is more of a joke implying that the person failed at keeping the dog temporarily. We love foster fails!

Are certain dogs easier than others to foster?
Definitely! Senior dogs sometimes take longer to get adopted, but are typically more low maintenance than a puppy or high energy dog (please note that this is not always the case). Adult or senior dogs often come to us already trained and obedient, so they end up being easy keepers. Puppies or dogs with temperament issues require obedience training (which we provide), and need a strong pack leader to show them the way. Seeing a dog who once had no training do a complete 360 can be the most rewarding experience.


What is your adoption fee?
Our adoption fees cover the spay or neuter, vaccinations and any other applicable medical treatments for each dog. Adult dogs require an adoption fee of $380, and puppies under 6 months require a fee of $425. We will put $150 of this fee towards mandatory training classes with the dog trainer or obedience school of your choice. This fee must be paid in full at the time of adoption by cash, email money transfer, or credit card.

What does an adoption fee go towards?
Each adoption fee helps cover the costs of all procedures for the dogs in our care, including: tests, vaccines, spay/neuter, medical procedures, surgeries, rehabilitation and recovery. We put $150 of this fee towards mandatory training classes. 

How does the adoption process work?
Each potential adoptive family must be willing and able to provide loving attention, medical care and lifetime stability for an animal. Our main focus as a rescue is matching up each dog with the perfect forever family. To do so, potential adopters must fill out our adoption application, which is a series of questions relating to their lifestyle. This helps us determine the family's activity level and compatibility with the dog(s) they're interested in. Once references are called and a home check is completed, we arrange a meeting with the dog. If an approved family wishes to adopt the dog at this time, they sign an agreement and pay a one-time, non-refundable adoption fee.

What happens if I adopt a dog and I decide not to keep it?
If an adoptive family can no longer care for a dog, Fulfilling Hearts Rescue must be notified, and the dog must be surrendered back into our rescue's care.


What does it mean to surrender a pet?
Surrendering is when an owner can no longer care for an animal, and hands them into our care to find them a responsible home.

Can you dog sit while I go on vacation?
We are not a boarding facility/doggie daycare/dog sitting service. We do not have the space to take a dog while owners go on vacation, but can recommend several fantastic facilities in our area.

What if I decide I want my dog back?
When a dog is surrendered, the owners are required to sign a legal waiver that signs over all control and care to FHR. They may not have any say on where said dog goes, and no longer have any ownership rights whatsoever at that time, or in the future.

How long do I have to wait for you to take my dog after I email the surrender form?
If we have a foster home available that is the right fit for your dog, we can take it immediately. If we do not, we have to seek out a proper foster home. This can take hours, days, or sometimes weeks. While we make every possible attempt to take every single dog that needs assistance, it is simply not possible, as we do not have a set facility. This is the reason that fostering is so crucial! 

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