Bonnie is a hunting line beagle and will require a very specific home for her needs. Bonnie is one year old and is a big ball of energy. She is a sweet girl who has settled in nicely with her foster family who have a dog and several cats. She has been shown to be respectful around children but children should always respect her boundaries. Bonnie requires daily exercise on a long line (30+ foot leash) to really burn her energy and use her nose. She is currently not great on short leashed walks and pulls significantly. This is slowly being worked on and something her adoptive family will need to continue practicing.
In order to ensure Bonnie’s success in her new home, the following criteria MUST BE MET for anyone interested in adopting:
☑️mandatory training class
☑️fenced in yard
☑️continues crate training
☑️active home
☑️daily long line walks
☑️short on leash walks as this is not the most effective method of exercise for her needs
☑️one hour of exercise per day
☑️an understanding that she is vocal
🔹Too much energy
🔹Lack of research into the breed
🔹Owners don’t have a fenced yard- beagles LOVE to sniff and run
🔹Barking- they are a very vocal breed
🔹Behavioural issues- they require consistent training and exercise
🔹Allergies- beagles are year round shedders
🔹Escaping- beagles follow their nose and often dig under fencing and bolt out doors. They need to remain on a leash, tie-out or long line and should not be left unsupervised
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