Have you ever wanted your very own Chewbacca? Well you are in luck!
Meet Chewie !
Chewie is an approximately one and half year old terrier mix looking for his forever home. He is a very active young dog who requires a lot of exercise and mental stimulation.
He looks small in pictures, however Chewie is a medium size 40 pound dog.
As a terrier mix, he can be very stubborn and thinks things should always go his way. With a strong pack leader and continuous training, he has shown us what a fun and smart little dog he truly is.
Chewie is not 100% comfortable with all handling. He will need someone patient and dedicated to continue working with him on this so trips to the vet or groomer are a more comfortable experience for him. He can also take a little time to warm up to new people so this is an area that will need to be worked on continuously with his new family.
He is great in the car as well as on walks. He has also completed 6 weeks of obedience training and loves to work!
Chewie got his name as he can be very destructive when left on his own. Without supervision or something to do, he will chew on anything and everything from shoes to paper and furniture. He is crate trained which makes this a bit easier to deal with when he is alone.
If you think you could provide Chewie a forever home and are dedicated to his continued training, please fill out our adoption application

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