Jax is a young beagle mix under a year old who is looking for his forever home.

True to his breed he follows his nose. He is a young dog and is still working on his manners and obedience including walking on lead. Being a teenager Jax can get mouthy and vocal especially when he doesn’t get his way. We cannot encourage or allow these behaviours. He will need an active home to burn some of his energy. Jax loves chewing on bones and will happily go lay on his bed with his bone or a stuffed Kong.

He is very vocal while traveling in the car but jumps in more than willingly to go for a drive. This will need to be worked on daily to prevent anxiety and car issues.

He currently lives with two other dogs and is getting along great with the both of them. So far he respects the more dominant dog in the household and will back off when cued by him. However he is much pushier with the softer personality female and does not always respect her cues since he knows he can get away with his antics.

Jax is a very friendly, sweet young dog but he will need someone who is breed familiar and has patience to work with him to make him the best dog we know he can be!

As with all our dogs training is mandatory.



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