Klaus is a special case adoption!


Klaus came to our rescue as a 9 month old, dog and child reactive dog.

He lived with his trainer for a month before going into a extremely knowledgeable foster home.

He’s been in foster care for 10 months.

During this time he’s been fully muzzle trained. Has attended 3 sets of classes, many private sessions. He’s been fully trained on an e collar.

We are very happy to say in controlled situations Klaus is good with other dogs. We cannot stress that introduction and play is managed appropriately. Klaus is not a dog who can be allowed to pull you around and say hi to random dogs on the street. He was muzzle trained for off leash scenarios like the beach and has done very well.

With kids who are dog knowledgeable he has done very well. He would not be tolerant of inappropriate touch such as grabbing or pulling. We do not recommend a home with small kids because of these issues.

Klaus does have touch sensitivity and this will need to be worked on forever. He can become a struggle at the vet and has been sedated for minor issues as he will hold a grudge and become snappy. We have spent a tremendous amount of time working on this but training will need to continue.

As with most German shepherds Klaus likes people he knows but will not solicit attention from strangers and should be controlled so no issues arise. He will guard his food from people he doesn’t know. He has failed a temperament test due to food issues months prior and we have worked with this tremendously and he’s done wonderful with his people.

This dog is not for the novice handler and comes with major training requirements. If you do not have time to train him long term please do not apply.This dog is not a dog who can be spoiled and showered with love.This is a dog who loves to hike, work and spend quality time with his family.

This is not a dog you need to feel bad for, he’s had a wonderful upbringing in our rescue and we will be seeking out a home who will ensure his friendly temperament will always be a priority.


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