Our smart boy Trooper has found his forever home & family on a beautiful spring day (2018).


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Trooper is a 16-month-old Terrier mix searching for his perfect family.

Trooper is completely housebroken and is getting along well with the other small dog in his foster home. He enjoys going for walks and loves to be outside. He will often "ask" to go out so he can keep watch on his surroundings. He adapts really well to routine and has shown to have a fairly laid back activity level for a young terrier.

Trooper displayed good handling during his testing but does need to practice with his teeth exam. He bonds with his people and will need socialization training to prevent anxiety if separated from his people. He was not easily excitable during testing and was polite with his handler. Trooper displayed no signs of food aggression.

Trooper was surrendered for snapping at his previous owner while being moved on the bed. He has been in training and working hard with his foster mom. He has strict rules in places such as not getting on the couch and minimal attention.

Trooper may be little but he will require exercise and structure in his new home.