Dog Foster Application Process


The only way we are able to take in a dog in need is by having an approved foster home available. We rely on volunteer foster homes to care for our dogs while they undergo training and medical treatment until they're ready for their forever home.

Fostering saves lives! The more foster homes we have, the more dogs can be saved.


Our Foster Process Steps

Step 1) Filling Out The Foster Application

To start the process to become a foster home, potential foster families must fill out our Dog Foster Application Online Form, which consist of a series of questions relating to their lifestyle.

Dog Foster Form

This helps us determine the family's activity level and compatibility with the dog(s) they're interested in.

Step 2) References Are Called & Home Check Performed

Once the foster application has been received, the provided references are contacted by phone and a home check is arranged.

This helps determine if the potential foster family has what’s needed to care for a rescue dog while they wait for their forever home.

Step 3) Being Well Equipped & Prepared

Although most homes end up spoiling their foster dogs and treating them as their own, there is no cost of necessary care to the foster home. We provide all the supplies necessary for the dog's well being, including food, crates and bedding, along with any and all medical treatment fees.

Foster homes need to be structured, follow the directions of a trainer, and be aware that dogs often struggle with anxiety upon arrival.

Please consider fostering today, and playing a critical role in saving a life! Fill out our Dog Foster Application Online Form to start the process.

Foster FAQs

A pet foster parent is someone who is willing and able to open their home to a dog or puppy in need on a temporary basis while the rescue works at finding them their “furever” home. A foster parent is only asked to provide love and care, and FHR takes care of the rest. Please visit our Dog Foster Process page for more information

This time frame all depends and can usually be estimated on a dog by dog basis, but can never be guaranteed. All dogs must remain in foster care for a minimum of two weeks, so we can learn how their temperament is. If the dog is recovering from surgery or medical treatment, they must stay in foster care until they are healthy again in most cases. Some dogs also take longer to train and rehabilitate, which will set them up for success in their new home. Please visit our Dog Foster Process page for more information

Definitely! Senior dogs sometimes take longer to get adopted but are typically more low maintenance than a puppy or high energy dog (please note that this is not always the case). Adult or senior dogs often come to us already trained and obedient, so they end up being easy keepers. Puppies or dogs with temperament issues require obedience training (which we require and can provide) and need a strong pack leader to show them the way. Seeing a dog who once had no training do a complete 360 can be the most rewarding experience. Please visit our Dog Foster Process page for more information

A foster failure is someone who committed to fostering a dog, without the intention to adopt it, then fell in love! It is not really a "failure"; this term is more of a joke implying that the person failed at keeping the dog temporarily. We love foster fails! Please visit our Dog Foster Process page for more information

If a foster home falls in love with their foster dog, we give them priority if their home is a perfect fit for the dog. This can avoid added stress by moving the dog to another home. Please visit our Dog Foster Process page for more information

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