Our spunky Charlie has found his forever home & family on a beautiful spring day (2018).


Adoptable Listing Post (Archive)

Charlie is a black German Shepherd seeking his forever home through no fault of his own. Still full of energy and spunk at 8 years old, Charlie would make a great companion in an active, breed familiar family home.

Charlie is obedient but has the stubborn Shepherd attitude on occasion. He is house trained and non-destructive when home all day. He gets along great with dogs of all sizes but has shown signs of possession issues when it comes to toys. He is not big on sharing his toys and has started minor scuffles with his foster siblings over them. This is easily corrected but he is recommended to a dog knowledgeable home to continue working on this issue. Charlie is cat-friendly but will chase them if given the opportunity. He responds well to correction. Charlie does well with small children but his boundaries should always be respected and no dog should ever be unattended with a child!

Charlie loves his Frisbee and could play for hours! He also loves long hikes with his pack, swimming, and car rides. He would do best in an active home that enjoys the outdoors. That being said, Charlie is not an "outdoor dog" and does not like being left outside unattended. He will cry at the door to be let in if you leave him alone. He gets attached to his humans quickly.

If you think you could give Charlie the forever home he deserves, please find our adoption form under Applications.



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